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Available Treatments​

- Acupuncture

- Chinese herbal medicine

- Cupping

- Homeopathy

- Herbal injections

- Aromatherapy injections


Our goal is to provide affordable high quality community style acupuncture to the residents of the Bradenton and Sarasota area.

At Bradenton Community Acupuncture you choose what you can afford for each treatment between $25 - $60 per session with the first consultation and treatment adding an extra charge of $25 upon your original fee…no questions asked and we will never ask you to verify your income. This allows you to be comfortable choosing what you are able to pay. We understand everyone’s financial situation is different.

Our sliding scale fee schedule makes community acupuncture affordable for everyone and allows visits to be as frequent as required to promote healing.

Please note: the extra $25 charge is due to the extra time required for an initial consultation and medically required paperwork.  After the first visit, it is entirely up to you. Cash or check only please.

You will be treated in one of our peaceful community style treatment rooms while relaxing in a recliner chair.  Most people find this much more relaxing and comfortable than lying flat on a table.

Bradenton Community Acupuncture also provides complete Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Treatment, Herbal Injections and Aromatherapy treatment.