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Acupuncture for IVF/IUI

One of the central components of Eastern Medicine as it relates to fertility is the fact that when you are anxious, stressed, overworked, and full of negative energy, your fertility is lowered and your chances for success are greatly diminished.This applies regardless of whether you  are trying to get pregnant on your own or with the help of reproductive technology assistance. The success of IVF and IUI depend just as much on the state of your body as does success with trying to conceive on your own. Healthy response to drugs, good egg quality, and a fertile and receptive uterine lining are essential for pregnancy and the healthy delivery of your baby. By incorporating acupuncture, stress-reduction techniques, lifestyle and dietary changes, and targeted nutritional supplementation, your chances are increased exponentially and your investment maximized.

A vital step in ensuring success is to take the time to prepare your body to receive and nourish your tiny human. If your body is healthy and calm, you will have a much higher chance for a success. If your body is stressed and unhealthy, all the drugs and surgery in the world will have a much lower chance of helping you.

 The benefits of our IVF/IUI program are numerous but include the fact that:

You will feel less stress during the cycle

You will experience better response to medication

Your side-effects from medications are reduced

Your body is better prepared to handle the process

You will have better fertilization rates

You will experience higher pregnancy rates

You will experience lower miscarriage rates

We have heard from numerous IVF/IUI patients who had done previous cycles without our program reported a significant reduction in moodiness, tiredness, bloating, and other common side-effects of ovarian stimulation. Further, the success rates reported from acupuncture before your IVF/IUI procedure protects your investment and increases your chances of success!

*Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors 

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