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When it comes to acupuncture, the true question is, what can’t it do for you? From minor issues like allergies to treating migraines or depression, there really isn’t anything that this amazing form of natural healing can’t do.  Even when it comes to cosmetics you can trade out the harsh and toxic chemicals and surgical procedures and simply give acupuncture a try.

In our continuous effort to bring the best quality experience to our clients we have listened to your requests to offer Facial Rejuvenation at Bradenton Community Acupuncture. You can now take advantage of this amazing painless and non-surgical method of slowing down and reducing the signs of aging.  The key term and difference of this procedure is that it is rejuvenation for your whole body, mind and soul.

Many who have chosen this safe and natural route have seen a reversal of as many as five to fifteen years. The results start to show just after a few treatments but keep in mind that this does require regular and consistent treatments in the first few weeks in order to see these amazing results! This procedure can help to eliminate puffiness or bags under the eyes, tighten the skin and so much more. There is no need to undergo invasive, costly and dangerous procedures when you can get the same benefits, only better.  Don’t just treat the symptoms but resolve the underlying factors that are causing them with acupuncture!

The process is simple, natural and virtually painless—the best part of it all is it is catered to your specific needs. The insertion of the hair-thin needles throughout the neck, face, ears, hands and feet depends on your individual body and what it needs. You can expect a treatment to last up to 45 minutes and at least 12 consistent visits for best results. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 3 to 4 weeks after your Facial Rejuvenation and can be purchased for only $55 per treatment.

You can now reserve your spot for 15 treatments for only $749! You can even add on a regular acupuncture treatment to your session for an additional $25. Take advantage of the referral program to receive $50 off your next package or half off of a maintenance treatment.

Are you interested in learning more or simply want to book your package to get started? Call Melissa at 941.720.1485 today!

Facial Rejuvenation