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Fertility Acupuncture

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At Bradenton Community Acupuncture, we provide acupuncture and herbal therapy for couples seeking natural pregnancy and also for those planning to use assisted reproductive techniques such as IUI, IVF, etc. We work with a wide variety of fertility issues, including:

  • endometriosis
  • luteal phase defect
  • male fertility issues
  • poor egg quality
  • poor ovarian reserve
  • premature ovarian aging
  • recurrent miscarriage
  • thin endometrial lining 
  • unexplained infertility 

At Bradenton Community Acupuncture, we believe in an integrative approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. These two approaches have become increasingly integrated to provide optimal outcomes for a variety of medical conditions, including fertility concerns. Through our years of experience and working closely with our patients, we understand how stressful and difficult the fertility journey can be and the importance of emotional support along the way. We are very proud to offer a number of fertility packages to support you in the best way possible.

If you choose to undergo assisted reproductive procedures, rest assured that numerous studies have concluded that acupuncture performed before, during, and after your procedures greatly improve your changes of a viable pregnancy (ongoing studies confirm these findings.) Acupuncture reduces uterine contractions, which may contribute to the failure of IVF treatments, before, during and after IVF. In order to achieve maximum benefit, we recommend weekly treatments beginning at least three months prior to trying to get pregnant.

Have questions? Give us a call or come by for a consultation where we can discuss a treatment plan tailored specifically for your situation.