"I came to BCA not really knowing what to expect from acupuncture. I had severely pulled a muscle in my back and was in serious pain. Painless needles were able to relieve the pain I had been experiencing for weeks in two appointments. Now I go in BCA just because it keeps me feeling good!"


"After suffering with arthritis pain in my knees and knuckles forever and physicians telling me that there was nothing that would help, a friend convinced me to go and see Bradenton Community Acupuncture. Am I glad I did! I can be pain free for weeks at a time now."


"In the past, I have had numerous mammograms and disliked every one of them.  When I heard about BCA and Thermal Imaging I wanted to try it out.  I had breast cancer some years ago so I have to have regular breast screenings. Melissa was very professional, putting me at ease immediately.  I actually enjoyed the experience - no being squashed in a nasty looking contraption and best of all NO radiation :).  No more mammograms for me from now on - thermal imaging is the way to go."


"After years of trying to get pregnant and failed reproductive technology treatments, I decided to look into Eastern Medicine. I researched all of the local Acupuncture clinics and was amazed as Melissa Cram's knowledge and expertise with fertility treatment. After just a few months I've seen tremendous changes in both how I feel and my fertility blood work (unlike any I've ever seen with Western medicine) and know that this is the key to me getting pregnant!"

" My menopausal symptoms have almost disappeared after going to Bradenton Community Acupuncture for a few weeks. Hardly any night sweats or hot flashes anymore."


"I was told by my doctor that medication was the only option I had after a car accident leaving me with severe neck pain and dizziness. Just four acupuncture treatments and I almost feel completely normal! Thank you, BCA!"


"My family doctor recommended that I visit Bradenton Community Acupuncture for the daily headaches I was suffering with. She said that several of her other headache patients were going to BCA and getting good results. I didn't want to take medication all the time, so I went. My headaches were reduced immediately and after a few more sessions are almost completely gone."


"I was suffering significant work-related tension and stress resulting in headaches and fatigue.  I visited Melissa and found immediate relief in her acupuncture treatments and long term reduction in symptoms through her Chinese herb formulation.  I see Melissa and Bradenton Community Acupuncture every time I am in FL."


"Jaw pain and earaches were happening every day with all the stress I was under at work. I went to BCA for three weeks and I am more relaxed and have no more ear and neck pain. FD I was having a hard time sleeping at night and I can now after acupuncture."


* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (full disclaimer)

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