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What is the screening like?
Breast thermography is a non-invasive procedure that takes approximately 15 minutes for the actual scan. This means there is no contact with the body, no radiation, and the procedure is painless. Thermography detects even the most subtle changes that accompany the vascular or fibrocystic disease, cancer, and infections.

Before your appointment
Before your appointment, you will be provided with pre-examination instructions that must be strictly followed. (i.e. no sun exposure prior to the test, no lotions the day of your test, etc.) 

At your appointment
In the examination waiting room, we wish you to acclimate to the room temperature from outdoor extremes and calm your heart rate. During this time, you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire relative to the risks and symptoms of breast disease. Some of these questions are asked in order to develop useful statistics of the many risks for breast cancer and you will be asked for permission to include your data in scientific evaluations of Infrared Thermal Imaging. Please be assured that your personal confidentiality will be assured in all of these scientific evaluations. 

Then you will be asked to disrobe to the waist and acclimate to the room's cooler temperature (about 68°F) for ten to fifteen minutes, varying based upon certain environmental parameters specific to the imaging location. Our goal is to help you to be as comfortable as possible during the entire study. 

You will then stand in front of the camera with your hands over your head and have three views taken of your breasts, chest, and underarms. Part way through the image process you will be instructed to place your hands in a shallow pool of cold water for exactly one minute as timed by the technician and then three more images will be taken. This is the functional, autonomic cold challenge.
**The Cold Challenge is a very important part of the process and Your Body's Choice Thermal Imaging is just one of three Thermal Imaging centers in Florida following this protocol.  See "Functional Cold Challenge" for more information. 

Once the imaging process has been completed, the technologist will save your complete study, which includes all captured images and your medical history into a single electronic folder that will assure proper identification of your data. Once saved, the study will be submitted to the IMS Interpretation Laboratory via a secured internet connection.

What happens after the screening?
The analytic process is a rigorous patented procedure where patient studies are read in five refined stages to ensure optimal accuracy and quality control. Once the analysis is complete, reports are securely emailed back to our office. The IMS chief science officer, Philip P. Hoekstra has provided comprehensive image analysis services from the interpretation headquarters in central Michigan since 1972 and has since been an evolving national leader in the design of imaging and analytic process standards. 

You will receive two copies of your scanned images and two copies of your easy to understand report. If you would like a copy mailed to your physician, please bring their address to your appointment.

If areas on your scan are found to need further interpretation or investigation, we at Your Body's Choice Thermal Imaging work closely with and refer you to local MDs who are familiar with infrared technology if your doctor is not.

We can help guide you take steps towards prevention like dietary changes, exercise choices like Yoga and Tai Chi and acupuncture. The American Institute for Cancer Research stated that as much as 33% of breast cancer could be prevented by diet, exercise, and a healthy body weight.

If you would like to have Your Body's Choice Thermal Imaging bring breast thermography to your office, or you know someone who does, please call us for more information.

The consultation, full series breast scan, and seven-page report with full-color pictures are $229.00 for new patients and $199.00 for return patients.

* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (full disclaimer)

We chosen to partner with Infrared Medical Solutions (IMS), the premier provider of Infrared Mammography screening solutions in North America. IMS uses FDA approved, medical grade cameras manufactured by FLIR, the most respected company in the industry with the highest sensitivity. The IMS imaging software is HIPAA compliant, high definition, with 76,800 individual temperature measurements. 

All digital infrared images are interpreted and reported by Dr. Philip Hoekstra III. Dr. Hoekstra is a medical physiologist specializing in the early detection of breast cancer by diagnostic infrared imaging. He is the President of the American Academy of Thermology, Regent of the American College of Oncologic Thermology and a Director of the American Board of Thermology. Dr. Hoekstra is the Chief Science Officer and Laboratory Director of Therma-Scan (www.thermascan.com). Dr. Hoekstra has the experience of more than 750,000 patient studies over the past thirty-seven years, is world-renown for his accomplishments in diagnostic infrared imaging for breast cancer and as the developer of a comprehensive analytic system for diagnostic breast thermology.

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The science of thermal imaging is the application of these heat readings to locate abnormal pathology or function in the body. This method of detection is pain-free, compression-free, and best of all radiation-free!  Be sure to have your thermal imaging done at an office that incorporates the very important "Autonomic cold water challenge" into their image taking protocol for the most accurate and advanced results possible.

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